In a court hearing last week, prosecutors stated that Eliza Wasni, 16, allegedly left a Walmart located in a rural area of Chicago holding a stolen knife and machete. She then proceeded to get into Uber driver’s vehicle and immediately began stabbing him for no apparent reason at all. The victim died from his injuries last Tuesday shortly after providing the Chicago Police Department, an in-depth description of the assailant.

Last Wednesday, a district attorney announced a depiction of what happened during the attack. In the declaration, the prosecutor stated that Wasni got in the car with Grant Nelson, 34, and proceeded to hack him to death.

The incident occurred early in the morning last week on Tuesday.

The judge overseeing this case is holding her in jail without bond. If convicted, she will be charged with first-degree murder and sentenced as an adult.

Prosecutors detail the incident

The courts recorded the description in a two-page document. It reveals no purpose behind the assault, yet depicts Wasni as a quiet young lady impassively strolling through Walmart. It mentions that she did have the blades in her possession and proceeded to leave the department store without purchasing them.

The federal prosecutors handling this case noted that Nelson, a Wilmette resident, picked up the young woman in Lincolnwood a little after 3:00 a.m.

It was the third time she caught a ride using Uber last Tuesday early in the morning.

It was approximately two minutes into Nelson driving the car when Wasni started to stab Nelson from where she was in the back seat. Wasni got in the front seat of the car with Nelson’s blood all over it and drove off. After hitting a road median, she immediately hopped out the vehicle and left the scene on foot.

Once Lincolnwood’s law enforcement arrived at the location where Wasni lost control of the vehicle, they discovered blood all around the area and Nelson’s cell phone opened with the Uber application running. It stated that his passenger’s name was Eliza.

Law enforcement find Nelson and Wasni

Police proceeded to follow a blood trail leading to the Nelson in an area full of grass.

They found his suffering from multiple wounds and bleeding profoundly. He quickly informed the police about the incident as medical response teams transported him to a local medical facility where he died approximately three hours later.

Utilizing Nelson’s description of his attacker, Chicago police discovered Wasni hiding behind a cooling system with the murder weapons still in her hands. Officers on the scene informed her that they would use a Taser on the off chance that she didn't drop her weapon. She grew noncompliant, so an officer utilized the Taser. The blades fell from Wasni’s hands immediately, and police arrested her afterward. They declared that she didn’t say a word from that point on.

Lincolnwood police stated that the brutal murder of Nelson is the first homicide that’s ever happened in the community since 2006.