Over the weekend, Judge Steven O’Neill rendered the sexual assault case between Bill Cosby and Andrea Constand a mistrial. Regardless, every woman who’s accused the comedian of such horrendous acts against their will still has hope that their allegation will soon prompt justice and immediate results for Mr. Cosby.

Throughout the entire trial, over 60 women viewed Constand as their intermediary. All of them approached the courts with affirmations that the actor engaged in inappropriate sexual conduct against their will. Not at all like the others, Constand's Case wasn't hindered by constraints.

The woman attended an educational institution where Cosby is an alumnus. Allegedly in 2004, she asserts that the TV star heavily sedated her then proceeded to fondle her while she was unconscious at his home.

Lack of witnesses closed Cosby's case

In a formal declaration announced mutually with her attorneys on Saturday, Constand expressed gratitude towards all the prosecutors and members of law enforcement who decided to take an interest in her case.

The final ruling resulted after district attorneys struggled to obtain 13 different witnesses having the ability to testify against Cosby. Kelly Johnson was the only one allowed to do so despite multiple accusers apparently seeing first-hand what was going on in the courtroom.

After the jury’s 52-hour deliberation had resulted in the court forcing the panel into a dead end, all the women responded to the mistrial ruling in misery. However, they still managed to move forward and proceed with assurance that something will be done to justify the matter.

Cosby's former victims respond

In a report from the Philadelphia Inquirer, one of the women speaking out against Cosby commented on how society failed to value a woman’s worth in this case.

Another informer of the comedian heinous acts on women demonstrated her discontent of how the trial ended too.

Linda Kirkpatrick stated that Cosby thought little of all the females that stood in opposition to him. She said that he was unaware that all of them were merely pawns in the situation, vaguely exposing the rape culture in America.

Gloria Allred, a legal advocate who counts many Cosby's witnesses among her clients, publicly delivered a message to the performer.

She informed him that more prosecutors would attempt to conduct a retrial. The case would be once again on behalf of Constand’s predicament and all the women who ended up with the same because of him.