The last word on the non-existent James Comey taped conversation with President Donald Trump, it seems, do not belong to the real estate billionaire. Rather, it belongs to “Last Week Tonight” host John Oliver who called what the POTUS did Witness Tampering.

According to Mashable, Oliver said by Trump’s false suggestion that he recorded his meeting with the former FBI director, James Comey, the president did something “extraordinarily stupid," The president kept not only Comey, but the world hanging for six weeks before he admitted by a tweet last week that there were no tapes of their conversation.

Strategic brilliance of Trump's tweet?

Trump even used the absence of a tape to hit his predecessor, President Barack Obama, whom he accused of wiretapping him. The president told Fox News while he does not record, he can never be sure of what is happening because there was allegedly a lot of unmasking and surveillance all over the place, stating, “you never know what’s out there.”

Deadline Hollywood reports that Oliver criticized Trump’s talk which he described as a cross between a lottery machine that spews words and a Speak & Spell that fell into a toilet. The host then analyzed the turn of events, beginning with the president’s gloating to Fox about the strategic brilliance of an earlier tweet that said Comey better hope there are no tapes.

Unchanged story

The president said his tweet was meant to influence the FBI director — Trump said could Comey have changed his testimony before the Senate Intelligence Committee if he found out there was a recording. Trump insisted his version of the story – that he did not pressure the FBI director to drop his investigation of ex-National Security Adviser Michael Flynn – did not change and is “the truth.”

Oliver pointed out Trump did not just casually admit he misled the American public.

His words implied Trump could have swayed the testimony of Comey before the Senate, which the host said, constitutes witness tampering. Since Comey’s testimony did not change, it verified his version which Oliver said is “incredibly damaging to the president.”

He added Trump’s comments only serve to be a distraction to the more important events in Washington.

Oliver referred to the ObamaCare replacement bill which he said is set to hurt a lot of people. He cautioned on GOP lawmakers holding out against the bill since most Republican senators are squirrelly with their language and on news reports that the legislation is in trouble.