The fight to improve the climate continues, despite Trump's pull from the Paris climate agreement. According to the New York Times, the United States Conference of Mayors have decided to push the federal government to reconsider their choice and to pursue more environmentally friendly options. Meanwhile, they will take those matters into their own hands as well.

Changes they plan to implement include a stronger focus in renewable energy and protecting vulnerable cities, such as Miami Beach, from flooding and rising sea levels.

There are still some who are opposing these efforts, however.

Some say it will hurt American businesses. Others argue that this may only be a bandwagon situation, and that some are only concerned about the Environment because certain people say we should be.

What is really happening

Honestly, doubters just need to look a little bit further past the smog and see what's really going on.

These concerns about the environment are not brand new. Do any of these doubters remember Flint, Michigan? There is still a struggle for clean water. Flights were recently canceled and delayed because the heat is too intense, which is nothing compared to some third world countries that face heat waves for weeks on end. The bees (and a whole array of other animals) are dying, which in effect will disrupt our ecosystem even more.

Despite what many would like to believe, this planet is falling deeper into critical condition and just cannot provide for humans forever unless we take better care of it.

Through the ages, humankind has evolved mostly for the better; we've become wiser, handier with inventing useful tools, which in return has caused us to become more efficient.

However, through all this efficiency in our lives, we overlooked our efficiency with natural resources.

In our continuous use of these resources, we have become blindsided negligent to the effect they have on the planet due to our focus on how they affect us.

Many think that we have to start drastically high in order to fix the efforts, but as it is often said, small change adds up.

If we all take efforts into our own hands, doing small things in our homes and daily lives, it will cause an increase in the demand for more sustainable efforts around the country, therefore allowing our politicians to see that this is something that is important to us and not just a bandwagon trend.

Here are some simple ways that everyone can contribute to going green and changing the climate for the better.

Simple ways to go green

  • Reduce your amount of waste. If it's food waste, find a way to start a compost in your garden or neighborhood. Pinterest has an unbelievable amount of ways to repurpose any and every thing you can imagine, and more, so there is no need to throw it away. DIY crafts not your style? Sell it on Craigslist or LetGo, or give it to Goodwill or someone in need.
  • Recycle- and make sure it gets there. Yes, more often than not, when we recycle it ends up in the landfill anyway. However, if you take it to the factories and companies yourself or make sure those who are picking it up are actually taking it where it needs to go. If not, don't give it to them.
  • Buy recycled stuff. It creates a demand for recycling and it supports all those efforts so many bottle and can collectors have made.
  • Unplug. Many things we leave plugged up can still be drawing energy, even if they aren't in use.
  • Cut back on the plastic. Instead of using the water cooler cups and Dasani water bottles, carry a reusable water bottle.
  • Bring your bag to the store. Or, make sure you're recycling the plastic bags you get from the store (Walmart has started placing containers for the plastic bags in the front).