It seems like every time I turn around, Kylie Jenner is in the news because she has appropriated something and became even richer.

Some of her looks, particularly her French braids look, caused me to do a double glance, as I do when I see any white person with dreads or braids. I'm not used to seeing it, but I'm not opposed to seeing it necessarily. It's none of my business what they choose to do with themselves.

However, experimenting with different styles like this has contributed to the cause of several sticky situations.

Cultural appropriation defined

Definitions of Urban Dictionary have been made into angry rants against those who feel personally about this subject, but cultural appropriation is defined as "taking aspects from a minority culture, for its aesthetics, without knowing the meaning behind it. This is often controversial when the appropriated culture was exploited or oppressed by the person "borrowing. People are often insulted and looked down upon for having these features naturally, when someone else is praised for having them, without being from that culture." (from @passionatefeminist23).

It's commonly thought to only be something that white people are guilty of doing, but it's very common to all types of people.

Some examples of people being called out for their "borrowing" include two white women who just wanted to make delicious Mexican cuisine they had experienced and a Parisian soul in love with barbecue, hoping to enlighten others in France who hadn't been exposed to it.

Why cultural appropriation discussions get so heated

In short, the answer is because of Social Justice Warriors who do not fully understand what it means to appropriate.

These people mean well but are overly excited about it.

In both of those cases, the people opened a restaurant giving praise to the authenticity of the cuisine and sharing where they got their secrets from. They gave credit where it was due. Had they pretended this was their own doing, then that would be appropriation.

Other common examples that often get placed under this category are henna tattoos, yoga, dashikis, and even more particular characteristics, like how people present their bodies.

Many think that because someone of a different race does something traditional to one culture or it is different from its original purpose, they are appropriating and shouldn't be allowed to participate.

But that would be like telling all the immigrants that they can't come and participate in our American culture, like eating pizza Chicago style or going to the Indy 500. Wouldn't we expect them to embrace our culture and respect it?

It's also the basis of humanity. We're all people; though different, essentially we are the same. Embracing other cultures shouldn't be a crime, it should be considered a privilege and an educating, humbling experience.

But with that being said, the issue still remains.

Too many celebrities are embracing fashion from other cultures and being praised while many continue to shame those who belong to that culture and do the same thing. For example, while Kylie gets praised for her French braids, a black girl gets suspended from school for her "raggedy, inappropriate hairstyle".

The hairstyle originated in the African-American community; it's a protective style that has been used to protect our hair for centuries. How can this discrimination be allowed?

Stirring the melting pot

Currently, there is an abundance of cultures here in the United States alone that many are exposed to and that many embrace. Some people feel a certain hostility against certain ones and feel as though cultures shouldn't mix.

That's like throwing vegetables in a pot for a nice stew, but not adding water or actually letting them cook.

I personally think it's wonderful that there is so much to offer in the world and that there is an abundance of people willing to embrace it and learn more.

In other, more relatable words, you can show your appreciation for aspects of other cultures and embrace them in accordance with your taste and style. Just make sure credit is given where credit is due, and you aren't shaming someone who has the same style but looks different from you.