The Trump administration has been exposed to a series of political threats. Apparently, these and other challenges have made it difficult for the White House to fill the top ranks of the U.S. government. The investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election and Trump’s termination of former FBI chief James Comey have compounded the struggles, according to party activists, lobbyists, candidates and former federal officials who the President has tried to recruit.

White House dispute reports

Republicans say they are not willing to work for a boss whose temperament make them agitated.

According to a Washington Post assessment interview, Republicans are afraid that their reputation could be permanently damaged if they take-up the job.

According to Reuters, the White House has denied the reports that the trump administration is having recruitment challenges stating that it needed to screen its candidates thoroughly before making any public announcement. The candidates are being examined by the Office of Government Ethics and the FBI. This might be the reason why there appears to be a delay in the recruitment.

The White House press secretary Sean Spicer said, there is a crowd of people seeking to join the Trump administration. The Director of Communications seat has been empty since Mike Dubke relinquished his office in May.

Trump's Admin. off to a slow start

The rate of recruitment has relatively improved compared with the early part of Trump’s tenure, especially for positions which require confirmation. Between May and the First half of June, the Trump’s administration has presented 92 candidates for confirmation by Senate compared with 59 between his inauguration and April end.

Based on the historical assessment, the Trump administration is a bit slow. With 43 confirmed appointees to top ranks at this stage of his tenure compared with President Barrack Obama’s 151 by mid-June and 130 in President George Bush’s regime, According to The Post and the Public Service Center for Presidential Transition data assessment.

According to White House Officials, 200 people are undergoing screening for top rank officers. Likely candidates are evaluating President Trump’s behavioral relationship with his Senior officials. Bill Valdez, the President of the Senior Executives Association, said President Trump is turning increasingly volatile. Bill Valdez said Trump” threw Jeff Sessions under the bus”. Though the President has held Senate Democrats responsible for the delays in Senate confirmation, there are other likely causes of the situation.