An entertainer from Ohio who appeared on the reality show Wife Swap is apparently in critical conditions at an undisclosed hospital. He allegedly has a gunshot wound to the head that seems to be self-inflicted. Police attest that the performer also shot and killed his mother and sibling. The two appeared on the ABC show with him as well. Last Thursday, law enforcement responded to a 911 call coming from a residence in Beach City, Ohio. According to one of the officers, as they moved toward the home, they heard a gunshot coming from inside. Local authorities entered the residence and found Jacob Stockdale, 25, lying on the floor.

He wasn’t pronounced dead on the scene.

Police find bodies in bloody residence

In a report from PEOPLE Magazine, police discovered the young man with substantial amounts of blood sumptuously draining out of his skull. After further investigation of the house, officers located Stockdale’s brother James, 21, and his mother Kathryn, 54. Both were found dead on arrival.

Federal examiners are confident that the reality star inflicted gunshot wounds on his relatives before he attempted to commit suicide. Police have not discharged any data concerning what his conceivable thought process was in those killings. According to Yahoo News, the assailant was part of the Stockdale Family Band, which included his father Timothy and his brother whom he killed.

Mystery in family's reality TV history

Back In 2008, the ABC Network highlighted the family on an episode of Wife Swap. The Reality Show is unscripted and focuses on two families from different social classes and lifestyles. The groups typically trade the mothers for a timeframe of approximately 14 days. The program will then reveal the social differentiations that the two families find with the new relative.

Before the married couple finishes out the two-week period, they all meet and engage in a discussion about their opinions on how their living situations went during that time. The forum usually results in iconic insults and acts of violence at some point in time. However, the Stockdale’s episode depicted the family as passionately religious one.

They all had a willful restriction on games, vulgar language and television. Local law enforcement for the area confirmed during a media briefing that the father, Timothy Stockdale, wasn’t on the premises when the fatal incident occurred with his family. They also noted that, as of Friday, no criminal allegations had been documented for this situation.