US President is set to announce the United States withdrawal from the historic Paris climate accord, fulfilling the pledge he made during the 2016 presidential election campaign, according to documents seen by reporters at the White House.

The document stated that Trump will say the Paris Pact “front loads on American people”. He will also say the reason for the withdrawal is to fulfill his campaign promise and to place American workers first, He is also expected to say he looks forward to a better deal, according to the document.

Announcing the US exit

An arrangementt has been made for the official announcement by Trump at 3 p.m. (1900 GMT) in the rose garden at the White House.

A US withdrawal, pledged by President Trump during the campaign of the 2016 presidential election, would intensify the crack with US allies and partners, and place the United States with countries like Nicaragua and Syria as the only nations that did not participate in the 195 member nation accord endorsed upon in 2015 in Paris.

American proponent of the agreement said any eventual withdrawal by Trump would indicate a repudiation of US leadership on top global issues of the golden time and would abruptly implies that the United States is no longer trustworthy on global engagements.

A pact endorsed by all most all nations

All most all the nation willingly pledged to steps aimed at solving the problem of pose by global emissions of gases, which include toxic gases like carbon dioxide resulting from burning of fossil fuels the warms the planet, and leads to increase in sea level, droughts, frequent aggressive storms and Tsunamis.

The Vatican, who strongly backed the pact under Pope Francis, described a US withdrawal as a setback and “a huge slap in the face,” by senior Vatican official, Bishop Marcelo Sorondo, the Rome based La Repubblica newspaper reported

Pope Francis presented a signed copy of his 2015 encyclical letter to Trump and demanded for the preservation of the environment from the consequences of climate change and endorsed scientific proof that global warming is caused by excessive human activity.

The effect of US withdrawal

Scientists have warned that eventual US exit from the pact could speed up the impact of global warming, resulting to uncontrolled flood, heat waves, more frequent aggressive storm and droughts.

In the course of the presidential campaign, Trump said the agreement would cost the United States economy trillions of dollars without any meaningful benefit. The President has doubted the claim about climate change, and described it a hoax to undermine US industry.