President Trump recounted his experiences during his first divorce in his book, “The Art of the Comeback”. He said lawyers filled his room in Manhattan like a swarm of bees, seeking to represent him in court. Trump said the lawyers who offered to render their services Free Of Charge did not meet his satisfaction back then. Now, Trump is seeking Legal Advice on how best to tackle the 2016 election scandal, and has leaned towards his lawyers yet again.

Trump detests negativity

According to people who have worked closely with Donald Trump, he has not changed a bit in his approach to legal issues since his first divorce.

They say he holds loyalty with high esteem. He lavishes his lawyers with luxurious trips and expensive parties if they are successful. But for those who he feels are not living up to his expectations, he separates himself from them.

Jay Goldberg, one of Trump’s close confidants who stood in for him during his first divorce, said Trump likes to hear positive solutions and abhors excuses. In the wake of the election charges, President Trump has been gathering a team of experienced lawyers to proffer the best legal strategies against the allegations.

Marc Kasowitz, Trump’s lead counsel charges $1500 per hour for his services. He has worked with the President on cases ranging from his divorce to a defamation suit against a biographer who allegedly understated his wealth.

Trump has conducted several meetings with Kasowits lately. The White House is yet to develop a schedule for the meetings.

Kasowitz considers moving into the White House

Due to the frequency of the meetings, the White House has considered bringing Kasowitz closer for easier access to the President, according to people close to the White House.

The decision has not gained approval by the both parties according to those sources. Kasowitz has maintains his Washington office, close to the White House.

Among the President’s legal counsel are Jay Sekulow, Marc Corallo, Pete Rose and Michael Bowe. Sources say Kasowitz intends to add one extra lawyer to the team as he evaluates the workload of the case.

Many top Washington attorneys have turned down the job offer for various reasons which include worries over payment, concerns over Trump's attitude towards his associates, conflict of interest, etc, said sources familiar with the issue.

Sekulow stated in a Fox News interview this Sunday that Robert Mueller, the special counsel in charge of this case, has not required any documents or information from the team.