Trump is determined to trash the legacy of Obama. He took one more step in that direction when he addressed Cuban exiles at the Manuel Artime Theater in Little Havana in Miami. This venue carries the name of the leader who led the failed invasion at Bay Of Pigs against Fidel Castro.

Trump has long been a critic of Obama's Cuba policy and had vowed to dismantle it. But in his address, he chose a pragmatist approach, and though he came down hard on Cuba, he left many of the old policies in place including having diplomatic relations with the regime of Raul Castro.

Trump is a shrewd man, and he did a tightrope walk to appease those who wanted a complete break with Cuba and return to the old policy. CNN International reports this news.

The US and Fidel Castro

The United States had opposed the Cuban regime led by Fidel Castro for five decades. Despite immense economic hardship especially after the collapse of the Soviet Union, the communist regime in Cuba survived. After the infamous Bay of Pigs invasion and the missile crisis of 1962, the USA had promised that the Castro regime would not be destabilized. Thus the US never mounted an attack for five decades, and Castro survived. Castro was allowed to remain in power, and the Cuban people suffered immensely.

Trump is an astute man

Obama created history when he decided to change the five decades old policy of hostility between the two neighbors and restored diplomatic relations. The US president also made a visit to Cuba. History was made. Trump at that time had vowed to dismantle the Cuba policy completely. Many expected that Trump would return to the old days of confrontation with Cuba.

The US president has however shown he is an astute man. He has chipped away at Obama's legacy but not dismantled his policy completely. He has tightened some aspects of trade with military-backed business but allowed flights to Cuba and cruise ships to continue. The Marriott hotel project in Havana will also not be touched.

As a businessman, he has not snapped economic ties completely.

Changing colors

Many Cubans are disappointed with Trump's policy announcement. On the other hand, many Republicans and Cuban exiles are also disappointed with the half measures announced. Trump had said that dismantling of the communist regime was a priority, but he has not taken any steps in that direction.

Last word

Trump did condemn the Raul Castro regime, but in retrospect, he has only changed some aspects of the old policy and as a pragmatist has left the window open for further developments of relations with Cuba.