The drama doesn't seem to be ending for Donald Trump in regards to the scandal linking him to Russia. After it was announced that he was now under investigation for Obstruction Of Justice, the president decided to deflect the blame on one of his own team members.

Trump on Twitter

Regardless of how often he denies the allegations, Donald Trump continues to face an onslaught of criticism against him when it comes to the Russian scandal. While there was non-stop speculation over the issue during the 2016 presidential election, the controversy has only expanded since Trump was sworn into office back in January.

Over the last month, the Russian scandal has taken an interesting turn, which was sparked following Trump's abrupt firing of James Comey as director of the FBI last month. Last week in Congress, Comey testified under oath where he ripped into the president, claiming he was lying about his exit from the FBI. Following Comey's firing, another former FBI director in Robert Mueller was hired to be a special counsel to the Russian investigation, before recently opening up an additional probe into possible obstruction of justice by the commander in chief. As seen on Twitter on June 16, Trump is not only denying his guilt of obstruction, but is now putting the blame on his own deputy attorney general.

Not long after Donald Trump fired James Comey, he was interviewed by NBC News' Lester Holt where he was asked if he was pushed to make his decision. Speaking to Holt, Trump admitted that he was going to terminate Comey "regardless" of what other people think.

While that might have been the case at the time, Trump is now blaming Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein for the backlash, and Robert Muelller's decision to open up an investigation on potential obstruction of justice charges.

"I am being investigated for firing the FBI Director by the man who told me to fire the FBI Director!" Donald Trump tweeted out, before labeling the investigation a "Witch Hunt." Trump blaming Rod Rosenstein is rooted in a letter that was sent by the deputy attorney general recommending that the president fire Comey prior to making his decision to do so.

Twitter reacts

Within minutes of Donald Trump attacking Rod Rosenstein, social media critics quickly fired back. "Robert Mueller told you to fire James Comey? Donald, you're not making any sense. Take your meds," David Nuzzy Nussbaun tweeted out.

"Dude you literally copped to firing Comey because he was investigating you and Russia," journalist Ken Klippenstein wrote on his Twitter account.

"Lol. So you just confirmed you are under investigation. Unlike reality TV, firing people does sometimes carry consequence. Real life!" Curtis Dode Aldri added.

"You have to wonder at what point he just gets tired of all this Twitter ranting. It must take it out of a man his age," broadcaster Rick O'Shea pointed out. "Hahahah, you are losing it!

Keep tweeting sir, keep tweeting," Lesley Abravanel noted. As the backlash continued, it became clear that the president was backed into a corner with controversy which doesn't seem to be ending anytime soon.