Blasting News recently reported on the final performance of the Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Circus, after which it closed down after 146 years in existence. Despite the fact that those circus animals have now been found new homes, the New York City health committee wants to take things even further and is aiming a ban against all exotic animals in any form of entertainment.

Ban to affect all exotic animals in any form of entertainment

On Thursday this week, the committee unanimously voted to approve a bill that would ban all kinds of performances by exotic animals in circuses or other forms of entertainment.

The New York Post reports that this ban would affect all wild animals, including lions and giraffes. The bill reportedly will head for a vote by the full council in the coming week.

Councilman Corey Johnson, who chairs the health committee, said in a statement that keeping exotic animals captive and then transporting the animals around the country to perform tricks every night for the amusement of humans is inhumane in his view.

UniverSoul Circus would suffer if the ban is passed

However, while Ringling Brothers has shuttered its big tent, this extended ban would directly hit UniverSoul Circus, as the circus offers performances by horses, elephants, zebras, a pony and camels in all five New York boroughs.

The executive vice president of UniverSoul, Jackie Davis, said in a statement that they do agree that animals should never be abused. However, Davis went on to say their circus is a family show and that their audience would miss the performances by their animals. She added that animals are an integral part of the circus tradition in the country.

However, UniverSoul has had problems with New York City regulators in the past after the Health Department deemed their exotic animals were being housed in what were considered unsafe conditions back in 2014. They were, however, later allowed to perform in the city.

One counselor quoted the Bible in opposing the exotic animal ban

The New York Daily News quotes Councilman Andy King of the Bronx, who is not on the health committee, as speaking out against the animal ban. King believes that denying children the experience of going to the circus, as everyone has enjoyed as children, is unfair to them. The New York Post quotes King as claiming that the Lord has ordained that animals are to always be guided by humankind. King continued by asking if the next step will be to ban animals from all the zoos.