President Donald Trump publicly called upon the Mayor of the London a day after the terrorist attack. Trump wrote on Twitter: "At least seven dead and 48 wounded in a terrorist attack, and the Mayor Of London says 'there is no reason to be upset.'"

Though it is not entirely clear what statement made by the Mayor of London Trump referred to, the foreign media published that Trump probably thought of his statement where Khan said: "The situation is still developing and I want to call all citizens and visitors of London to stay calm and on alert."

Reactions from the social networks

Donald Trump's attack on Khan sparked a burst of reaction on social networks, stating that it was utterly inappropriate that only one day after the attack on the London, the US President spits on the Mayor of London who has not even said or wrote what Trump accused him off.

Khan's spokesman addressed Trump's statement by briefly saying that "Mayor Khan has more important things to do than answering Trump's uninformed tweets."

Donald Trump did not stop there. He responded: "The pathetic excuse of London Mayor Sadiq Khan who had to find a quick explanation for the statement ''There is no reason to panic.' Popular media works hard to 'sell' this version."

Trump did not refer to a specific statement by Khan so we can only speculate on the sentence Khan said to the media: "There will be an increased police presence in the streets, including armed officers and uniformed policemen but there is no reason to excite it."

Trump should cancel his visit to Britain

Mayor Sadiq Khan accused Donald Trump of trying to decommission communities in the United Kingdom after criticizing him on the social media.

"Some people are advancing because of quarreling and division. We will not allow Donald Trump to part our community," Khan told the BBC. Khan told Sky News earlier, "I simply do not have time to answer tweets of Donald Trump. Frankly, I have a much smarter and more important job."

Khan also said that Trump was wrong about "many things" and that he thinks he should cancel his visit to Britain.

"I do not think we should put the red carpet on for the US president because his policy is opposed to everything we believe," the Mayor of London said.

"When you are in a special relationship, it's like having a close friend. You're by his side while he is in trouble, but warn him when he's not right," Khan added.

British police arrested a man for the attack on London Bridge, in which seven people were killed and at least 48 injured.