US President Donald Trump has appointed former vice president of the Eric Trump Foundation, Lynne Patton to head the federal housing programs in New York.

The President named Patton to oversee the Region II of the US Department of Housing and Urban Development Program in New York and New Jersey. She would manage a housing development budget of $49 billion and several other programs, including the federal funding for the region. Patton will also serve as a senior adviser to the Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, Ben Carson.

Heading the biggest housing programs

As reported by Yahoo News, the new boss of the largest Housing and Urban Development regional office lacks experience in housing and urban renewal. The Eric Trump Foundation, where she served as vice president from 2009 to 2017 is facing a series of allegations amid a report published by Forbes alleging that the foundation channeled donated funds to the Trump Organization. It is currently being investigated by the New York Attorney General on charges of fraud.

Lynne Patton defended the charity when she described the allegations as reckless and baseless.

She planned several family events, including the 2014 wedding of Eric Trump at Mar-a-Lago, golf tournaments, and the numerous charity events while she was vice president of the foundation.

Patton's background

According to her LinkedIn profile, Lynne Patton graduated from the University of Miami, she also attended Quinnipiac University School of Law fro two years, but the New York Daily News claim she attended for just two semesters. The University of Yale is also listed on her profile under the education section but does not provide details of a degree or graduation.

As a stunt Trump supporter, Patton has remained committed and dedicated to the Trump family on various occasions, most especially in a video named “The Trump Family I Know,” in which she defended Trump on allegations of racism and discrimination. She said he had employed more female executives and minority than very other organization she has worked for.

Defending Trump

Patton told minority voters that Donald Trump understands that their life matters, describing Trump’s commitment and dedication to minority groups at the 2016 Republican National Convention, according to the report by Yahoo News.

Patton has praised the US first family on several occasions via Twitter. She is an avid Twitter user just like President Trump. One of her tweets she condemned James Comey for the leaking of memos and also defended her new boss, Ben Carson’s who claimed that poverty is a state of mind.