Special counsel Robert Mueller has added 13 lawyers to his panel to undertake the Russia probe. A spokesman, Peter Carr said there are plans to hire more.

CNN reported that Mueller has brought in a team of professional investigators and top experts which include seasoned attorneys, who have distinguished themselves in their career and, have represented American companies in court and have also been involved on several cases like that of Enron Fraud scandal and Watergate.

The seasoned lawyers

Jeannie Rhee and James Quarles are among the 13 and have worked with Mueller in his old firm, WilmerHale.

He has also brought Andrew Weissmann, who headed the Enron probe, the report said.

Kenneth Starr, former independent counsel, expressed confidence that the caliber of lawyers in Mueller’s team would do a thorough job. Starr investigated former President Bill Clinton in the late 1990’s.

Though only five attorneys have been named so far, there are concerns over the political inclinations of James Quarles, Weissmann and Rhee. An analysis carried out by CNN on Federal Election Commission’ record shows that the three lawyers have donated a total of about $53,000 since 1998 to Democrats.

Mueller's panel

The special council panel of investigators is examining allege Russian interference in the 2016 US election, and aim to discuss with top intelligence officials, CNN reported.

The Mueller panel is also investigating the alleged obstruction of justice by President Trump, as reported by the Washington Post.

In the report by the Washington Post, the investigation is being expanded to consider whether President Trump obstructed justice by asking former Federal Bureau of Investigation director James Comey to end the probe into former national security Adviser, Michael Flynn, over his ties with Russia, and the firing of the former FBI boss.

The team has commenced investigation

Mueller’s team has requested for information and will discuss with National Intelligence Director Dan Coates and National Security Agency Director Mike Rogers. A source said the investigators have also interviewed Coats, former deputy director of NSA Richard Ledgett and Rogers, who testified that they were not pressurized by the Trump Administration officials.

The interviews are the first official functions of the special counsel’s new team of investigators.

Definitely, it is the prerogative powers of Mueller to determine if there is ample evidence to recommend pressing charges on any part of the probe.

A special council is gathering necessary information and considering if there is enough evidence to commence an obstruction full-scale probe, a law enforcement source told CNN.