The House GOP decision to overhaul the Obama Care bill may have an adverse effect on States fighting against the opioid epidemic. According to state data and experienced lawmakers, the GOP legislation, which includes cutting down on Medicaid, will take a toll on the states struggling with addiction crisis, according to a report by The Associate Press.

The House review will eliminate expanded Medicaid funded by the federal government to support low-income earners that were not on the plan initially. A large number of young adults within the age range of 20 and 30 fall into that category.

With adequate funding from the federal government, states have been able to respond positively to the crises.

Substance abuse claims lives

Medicaid expansion accounted for 56 percent of drug abuse treatment in Michigan, 61 percent in Kentucky, 47 percent in West Virginia, 59 percent in Maryland and 31 percent in Rhode Island, According to data compiled by The Associate Press.

Substance abuse has claimed over 52,000 lives in 2015 and the states listed above are among the worst hit by the endemic drug overdose.The Associate Press reports indicates, 6 out of 10 deaths recorded were caused by excessive intake of strong pain killers such as heroin, oxycodone, and an elephant tranquilizer.

Ohio’s director of mental health and addiction services, Tracy Plouck, said she used funds from the Medicaid expansion scheme to secure accommodation for the patients after treatment.

She said it was better to relocate the patients after detox, so as to help them straighten out their lives and distance them from bad influences in their previous environment.

Senate may extend Medicare expansion

Paul Wright, a factory mechanic who resides in Youngstown, Ohio, recounts his ordeal following his near death experience.

Paul Wright was rescued by the Medicaid expansion program after he nearly died from a drug overdose. Wright stated that he had attended a series of funerals since after treatment and commends Medicaid for saving his life.

The Republican legislature would terminate the extra financial support awarded to states in 2020, and restrict the overall federal expenditure on the program.

However, those who have been enrolled in the scheme prior to the intervention will continue to enjoy its benefits as long as they remain eligible.

The move by the Republicans has hindered the implementation of the Healthcare bill in the Senate. According to Sen. John Thune’s statements Tuesday, the senators are looking at extending the Medicare expansion by three years to enable them convince their fellow colleagues to vote for the bill.