Donald Trump made an appearance on Twitter earlier today to make a contradictory allegation against London Mayor Sadiq Khan following the deadly terror strike which left at least seven dead.

Trump said in his tweet that at least 7 persons were dead and 48 sustained injured in the terror attack and the Mayor of London says there is “no reason to be alarmed!”

But Khan’s statement, on the other hand, was referring to the heavy police presence on the street of London after the attack. Khan, in his tweet, reiterated that Londoners shouldn’t panic when they notice the increase in police presence on their streets.

Security officials to flood London streets

In an interview with CNN reporter Christine Amanpour, Khan called the attack “evil and cowardly” then went on to state that the London streets would be flooded with security officials in the next few days.

In response, Khan’s spokesperson said Trump wasn’t well informed. He said the Mayor was working hand-in-glove with the police and other government agencies to bring order and stability to the city as well as reassurance to Londoners. He reiterated that the Mayor had more pressing issues on his plate than to respond to Donald Trump who decided to misconstrue his remarks.

British politicians have expressed disappointment in Trump over his tweet, as they prepare for their general elections slated for Thursday.

The ongoing feud between U.S. President Donald Trump and London Mayor Sadiq Khan

The feud between Khan and Trump started when the American business mogul said that some areas in London were off-limits. Khan, in his response, called Trump clueless.

Then this January, in the wake of Trump's travel ban on Muslim countries, Khan made an attempt to deny the U.S.

president entry into Britain.

Britain and the U.S. are strong allies. President Trump, while rendering help to Britain, made contrasting statements that instigated a verbal fight between him and the Mayor of Britain.

Trump stated in his tweet that there was a need for resilience and dexterity. He said the courts should pass the travel bill to reinforce safety in the country.

He later tweeted that the U.S. were ready to render support to Britain.

The ACLU deputy legal director, Cecillia Wang, said Trump was taking advantage of the situation. In a tweet, she reiterated that she was disappointed in Trump for exploiting a terrible event for his selfish interest.