Meteorologists forecast that the planet is expected to witness more hazardous and reoccurring sweeps of heat waves. The Deadly Heat waves were predicted on the basis of climate change, according to a Nature Climate Change publication.

The Southwestern part of the United States and Western Europe have been battling with extreme heat waves lately. The extreme weather condition which has been said to be artificially induced has claimed the lives some people.

Researchers forecast impending doom

The research shows that in the next century, three-quarter of the earth’s population will experience 20 days per year of extreme weather conditions if carbon emissions persist at the current rate.

The number is currently estimated at about one in three people.

The Paris agreement on reducing greenhouse emission may not be able to curb the impending heat waves on the planet. The research shows that the humidity and rising temperature will combine to intensify the magnitude of the heat wave. The decision by President Trump to pull out of the Paris Pact has been a source of concern to environmental experts.

Experts advise the U.S. government to stay in the pact.

An associate professor at the University of Hawaii and pioneer of the study, Camiro Mora said the government was not taking futuristic steps to curb the impending danger ahead. She hinted that the country was running out of options.

She said other countries were already implementing preventive measures to cushion the effect of the climate change.

Heat waves are fatal weather disasters and can wipe out a whole race if not taken under caution. The body system is built to function at a temperature of about 37 degrees Celsius or 98.6 Fahrenheit.

Deadly heat waves sweeps the earth

Camiro Mora, alongside an international research team and the University of Hawaii, took a data survey to determine the weather condition that challenges the existence of humans the most. After collating data from 783 deadly heat waves in 164 cities across 36 nations, the team was able to find a common threshold where the heat wave becomes fatal.

Mora stated that the discovery is a breakthrough as it helps us to identify weather conditions that could pose a threat to humans. The credibility of the discovery is based on its real life case study of people across the world. She said what scares her most is the fact that the deadly weather conditions are already rampant