The battle in afghanistan is not going well for the US forces and their allies led by President Ghani. The American forces are facing an enemy within their ranks in the form of committed soldiers who are planted by the Taliban. In a joint operational battle in the Achin district of Nangarhar province, three US troops were killed when an Afgan soldier trained his rifle on them. The operation was against ISIS fighters. The soldier was shot dead, but it will be small consolation to the dead warriors and their families.

Taliban spokesperson Zabihullah Mujahid took credit for the killing and claimed the soldier was their man and had killed four American soldiers.

Such killings seriously undermine the morale of a fighting force. Attaullah Khogyani, a spokesman for the provincial governor, confirmed the killing. He further added " the cause of the shooting is not clear. An investigation has already begun". CNN International reports this news.

Green on blue attacks

The US Central Command has not commented on the incident. It is learned that the wounded soldier has been evacuated for medical treatment. The Pentagon has however confirmed that the incident is under investigation.

Such attacks are known as " green-on-blue." This refers to friendly troops firing and killing US soldiers. This is fairly common in Afghanistan. Just two months back 3 US soldiers were wounded in a similar attack by an Afghan soldier.

Fighting for 15 years

The US army has been fighting the Taliban and now the ISIS for almost 15 years. It is a sad commentary that very little progress has been made and young lives are being lost. Part of the blame lies on the earlier President Obama who scaled down the US forces in the region and withdrew them from combat duties.

President Trump has a problem on his hands and is thinking about a troop increase in Afghanistan.

Role of Pakistan

The role of Pakistan in fomenting trouble in Afghanistan has not brought a reaction from Washington. The Afghan government has repeatedly been pointing an accusing finger at Pakistan and recently broke all cricketing ties with it.

This was after the last Kabul terror attack. Afghanistan accuses Pakistan of supporting the Haqqani faction of the Taliban.

The US is also going soft on the Taliban in the hope of a negotiated settlement. On the ground the scenario is different and the Taliban has vowed to oust the US.

Donald Trump has been apprised about the latest attack. He will have to rethink his priority.