Iran is in serious trouble. It is a Shia state and supports Shia regimes in Iraq and Syria against the ISIS. The Islamic State is basically a Sunni outfit and a backlash was on the cards from this terror group. According to a report in the New York Times, the militant Islamic group attacked the Iranian parliament. Simultaneously the group attacked the Mausoleum of Ayatollah Komemeini. The terrorist group attacked parliament on Wednesday and more than 10 were killed. Iranian media have reported the twin assault. CNN International also reported this news in its prime time broadcast.

The attack

According to the Iranian Intelligence Ministry, the security forces neutralized a 3rd "terrorist team." No further details were announced. The Islamic State has claimed responsibility for both the attacks. This is the first time that Iran has been hit by a terror attack by ISIS and it is in retaliation for Iran's military backing for Assad and Iraq. ISIS posted a message through Aamaq News Agency and took responsibility for the attacks.

The attacks began in the morning when heavily-armed terrorists stormed the Iranian parliament. It was reported that one of the attackers blew himself up when parliament was in session. This was reported by Iranian state TV. Deputy interior minister Mohammad Zolfaghari told state TV that the attackers had disguised themselves as women.

Reports indicate that three terrorists entered the parliament building.

Attacking the shrine

The police surrounded the building and helicopters flew overhead. At the same time, attackers attacked the holy shrine of Ayatollah Khomeini a few kilometers away from the city. The attack on the shrine has great symbolic value as it is highly regarded in Iran.

It houses the remains of the revolutionary leader who ousted the U.S. puppet Shah of Iran in 1979.

The speaker of the Iranian house, Ali Larijani has referred to the incident as "trivial," reported Iran's English-language Press. However, the atmosphere is tense and the people are wondering how the terrorists could have so easily entered the parliament building.

Iranian TV broadcast live images of parliament in session to assure the people that everything is under control.

Sectarian conflict

This attack could be a spillover of sectarian conflict in Islam. Sunni's consider Shia's to be apostates. ISIS is a Sunni outfit and in a video in March in Persian, they had threatened the destruction of the Shia state. Iran will now have to think about how to face the menace of ISIS which, seems to be growing in strength.