Leaks are a problem that has plagued Washington lawmakers for decades, and quite often, the debate always teeters on the edge of imposing a full crackdown on "leakers" -- over which Democrats and Republicans have different views. In the first months of the Trump administration, Republicans have specifically been promoting their view that the release of information -- most of it harmful to the President -- should be stopped, with some Republicans even suggesting that members of the press who publish leaks should be jailed.

Diane Feinstein wanted report made public

Blasting News reported on the fact that Sen. Richard Burr (R-N.C.) had done what he had been wanting to do since 2014, which was to get back copies of a declassified Cia Torture Report that describes the techniques used under the Bush administration. At the time, Democrats were taking action to try and provide more transparency within government agencies, as well as show their support for President Obama's view that torture under the previous administration was wrong. Sen. Diane Feinstein (D-Cali.) ordered her staff at the time to distribute those copies to agencies throughout the executive branch so that they could be accessible under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA).

Senator Burr's aggressive action against Obama and committee

Feinstein was chair of the Senate Intelligence Committee before Senator Burr was in 2014. He was reportedly livid over her actions, and had asked the Obama administration to return those copies. This, of course, did not happen (he apparently went to the Parliamentarian of the Senate, asking them to weigh in against the committee when they sent out copies).

Burr also said that leaks were his no. 1 concern and that the reports should never have been sent out without Republicans being informed. In a report published by Politico titled: "Burr takes CIA report fight to Senate referee," it describes the fight between Democrats and Republicans over the issue.

The latest news over the report -- as Blasting News referred to -- was Burr's attempt to try and lock down the information as he had initially tried to do now that the Republican Party are in the majority -- along with having their President in the White House.

Sen. Burr's actions and the history of his fight with Democrats over the report highlights his party's current argument over leaks.

Leaks have dominated the narrative around the Russia investigation being conducted on the Trump administration and in relation to their scandals, but it is unknown what action Republicans will take to try and stop further leaks. In hindsight, it would appear that in relation to getting back copies of the CIA torture report, Sen. Burr might have already lost his fight, as former President Obama secured one copy for his presidential archive.