Telecom Cable, a small internet service provider in Weston Lakes, Texas, is accusing Comcast of cutting their underground cables in an act of Sabotage to drive the company out of business.

According to Court House News, Telecom Cable owner Anthony Luna has filed a formal complaint in court against Comcast Cable Communications, Aspen Utility, and A&A Cable Contractors.

Comcast tried to buy out Telecom Cable but failed

It all began in 2013 when Comcast offered to buy out the then six-year-old small ISP and cable provider. However, Luna declined the offer.

During the buyout negotiations, Telecom Cable provided Comcast a map of their underground cables, which was not returned after the negotiations ended.

Comcast then started installing its own cable infrastructure near the areas where Telecom’s cables were already installed. Luna did not have any problem with this move by his rival as he understands that its only competition.

Comcast’s contractors were given a second map of the underground cables of Telecom so they would not accidentally damage the said cables. The contractors were also advised that the cables were marked with paint and flags.

Telecom Cable had to shut down because of the alleged sabotage

The small business ISP began receiving reports from its customers of service outages right after Comcast began their installation of underground cables.

When Luna made ocular inspections, he found out that his underground cables had been cut.

After the first incident, three more underground cables were cut despite all the warnings and an additional map, making it difficult to say that it was unintentional.

Unfortunately, the cables were being cut faster than it can be repaired and the small company was unable to keep up.

This affected 229 of its customers and many of them eventually transferred to the services of Comcast as they could not wait for the lengthy repair.

After just six weeks, Luna was forced to close down his business. He and his wife had to move to Upstate New York where they had to work for low-paying jobs. The couple also had to give up their retirement plans.

Luna is asking for one million dollars in damages for tortious interference with contract, negligence, aiding and abetting and conspiracy.

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