A JetBlue flight was forced to make an emergency landing after smoke was detected in the cockpit. The aircraft was on its way from Westchester County in New York to Fort Lauderdale’s Holly wood International Airport. The JetBlue flight 913, which was an Embraer E190 aircraft, made a successful and safe landing at Charleston International Airport in South Carolina 10:27 a.m. on Friday, June 23.

JetBlue flight conducts “code red landing” after cockpit fire detected

JetBlue Fight913 from White Plains in New York was rerouted to Charleston International Airport where all 102 passengers and the crew were evacuated using emergency slides.

Frank Migliorelli of Croton, who was one of the passengers on the flight, heard that, during mid-flight, the crew announced the problem. Migliorelli stated that the crew announced that the pilots would have made a “code red landing” and also gave the passengers a short tutorial as to how to approach the situation and take care of themselves.

He added that, although some people panicked after hearing the news of the Emergency Landing, most passengers were calm during the entire incident. Migliorelli stated that it was “fun” going down using the emergency chutes. Soon after the incident, JetBlue released a statement saying that all 102 people on board were safe and had not been subjected to any kind of injury during the incident.

The passengers after deplaning were taken to the terminal in buses and were placed on another flight. The FAA is conducting an investigation to determine what led to the emergency landing.

What went down on the flight?

Many passengers aboard Flight 913 recounted the incident. One among them was Tom Palmer, a former fire chief of Brewster, who was heading to Florida with his wife.

Migliorelli stated that the passengers smelt the smoke and the air became hazy.

Palmer admired the way the crew handled the situation. He stated that the aircraft’s crew taught the worried passengers how to brace up when the pilots would conduct the JetBlue flight’s emergency landing. The pilots apparently told the air traffic control to let the fire chief know that there was smoke in the plane’s cockpit, but it has been quickly put out and danger was averted inside the area.

However, smoke continued to persist on the JetBlue flight and the passengers and crew anticipated an emergency evacuation on the runway. With all the people aboard the aircraft safe, JetBlue’s crew managed to avert a possible disaster.