It's no secret that White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer has had his trouble dealing with the media. While Spicer is usually the one getting grilled by reporters, it was the press secretary who decided to give his thoughts about the press.

Spicer on the media

Ever since Donald Trump announced that he was going to run for president, he's been at odds with the majority of the mainstream media. From the day he launched his campaign and labeled illegal immigrants from Mexico as "rapists" and "murderers," the former host of "The Apprentice" and the press have not been on the same page.

As time moved forward in the 2016 presidential election, Trump would routinely bash the media, often referring to journalists as "terrible people" on the campaign trail. Following his surprising election win over Hillary Clinton last November, Trump and the media have been at each other's throats, with members of the administration often clashing with cable news hosts on a daily basis. For Sean Spicer, he's been forced to interact with reporters multiple times a week, doing so during the daily press briefings at the White House. The interactions have become so heated that even "Saturday Night Live" used them as part of a highlight skit, with actress Melissa McCarthy playing the roll of the press secretary.

With Spicer's job rumored to be on the line, he took part in a radio interview during a June 21 broadcast with host Laura Ingraham.

Joining conservative radio host Laura Ingraham on Wednesday, Sean Spicer elaborated further on his thoughts on reporters, especially their line of questioning during the aforementioned press briefings.

"There's a lot of them that want to become YouTube stars and ask some snarky question that has been asked eight times," Spicer said of the press. "It's our job to make sure that we are providing updates of what the president is doing and the advances he is making on his agenda," he continued.

During the interview, Sean Spicer agreed with Laura Ingraham in that many members of the press are engaging in alleged "performance art," accusing them of being "snarky" with their questions.

The two appeared to be on the same page, ironically being that Ingraham is on the reported short list to replace Spicer as press secretary.

Next up

While it's unknown what the future holds for Sean Spicer, it's clear that he's in line with Donald Trump and many others at the White House who don't believe the press is doing a fair job in covering the administration. With Spicer's job on the line, only time will tell how it all plays out.