After Republicans won the Special Election held in Georgia on Tuesday night, it didn't take long for Donald Trump to spend time on Twitter. While the president was active on social media, one of his sons followed in his footsteps.

Donald Jr. on Twitter

After Donald Trump defeated Hillary Clinton last November to become the 45th President of the United States, it was only a matter of time before his transition team helped put together his cabinet and administration. One of the names picked was Tom Price, a Republican congressman from George who eventually was confirmed as the newest Secretary of Health and Human Services.

With Price out of Congress, a special election was held in Georgia's 6th district to fill the vacancy. In the primary election, no candidate reached the 50 percent threshold needed to secure a victory, so the top two moved to a run off election, with Democrat Jon Ossooff and Republican Karen Handel moving on. Despite a money advantage and a sour feeling towards the current administration, Ossoff was unable to pull off his own upset in the red state, with Handel grabbing the victory and protecting the seat for the GOP. As the president sent out tweet, his son Donald Trump Jr. decided to do the same on June 21.

Taking to Twitter on Tuesday night and into Wednesday morning, Donald Trump Jr.

didn't hold back his thoughts on the George race and the Democratic Party. "Karen Handel becomes 1st Woman Rep GA has sent to Congress," Donald Jr. tweeted, before mockingly adding, "Still waiting for the glass ceiling stories, or do conservatives not get them?"

"Wealthy California Liberals Fail To Buy An Election In Georgia," Donald Trump went on to tweet, while attaching to an article from the Daily Caller that highlighted the Democratic loss despite a wide financial advantage.

"Media headlines this week should be: Democrats go 0-4 in special elections... voters reject socialism," he added in a follow-up tweet.

"Amazed watching Dem pundits say going 0-4 this means they need to go further left.

Hard to believe they can make a living being so wrong!" the younger Trump went on to post. "Hey Media, instead of saying Democrats LOST say Republicans WON! Trump agenda is popular," he posted in a re-tweet of one of his previous messages.

Moving forward

While Donald Trump, his family, and supporters have fun at the results of Tuesday's election, the president's standing on a national level continues to fall. In the majority of polling, Trump's popularity is dropping to historic lows, with the most recent polling average showing his approval rating hovering around just 40 percent.