A top journalist for the CBS Network, Scott Pelley, announced last week that he's leaving his position as a nightly commentator on CBS Evening News. The declaration on Wednesday comes as he chooses to pursue a major highlight in his career. Pelley will be moving over to "60 minutes" to utilize his media experience and dedicate himself full-time to the news magazine.

Pelley is a champion among the most experienced columnists in broadcast journalism. Not only does he serve as an anchor for the network's evening news, but he also oversees all publications for the program as its dedicated editorial manager.

His reporting efforts contribute to the American people viewing CBS more than any news distributor in the United States.

Scott's '60 Minutes' achievements

Since his first contract that landed him a seat on 60 minutes in 2004, half of all the huge respects won by the show have been for stories sought after by Pelley. The reporter earned his right to stand strong with the news magazine after receiving many Emmys for his work.

It is a record of 33 in total. Among these awards are three Silver Batons from Alfred I. DuPont, two George Foster Peabody Awards, and 12 awards from Edward R. Murrow. The vast majority of all of these acknowledgments comes from Pelley's news coverage on 60 minutes as well.

In one of his most phenomenal announcements during a press conference last Wednesday, Pelley stated that 30 years passed and he still believes that the CBS is extraordinary. He further mentioned that he remains ecstatic about his new assignment and proceeds to acknowledge it with utmost appreciation for the broadcasting company.

'60 Minutes', Scott Pelley, and the future of public broadcasting

"60 Minutes" is one of the most astounding and highly rated news magazines on TV today. This fall the news program will enter its 50th season on the air.

David Rhodes, President of the CBS Network, publicly declared that this half a century milestone mandates a full commitment from Scott Kelley for it to be successful.

Since first airing back in 1968, "60 Minutes" obtained many prominent acknowledgments from several highly anticipated publications. TV Guide announced the show as one of the 50 Greatest TV Shows of All Time. It also positioned the program within its 60 Best Series of All Time.

The New York Times refers to the news publication as a standout amongst the most regarded news magazines on American TV.

CBS appointed Anthony Mason to take over as the anchor for CBS Evening News.