Jeffrey Sipes, 54, of Fresno, Calif. was out on bail earlier this week after he was arrested on child pornography charges on Monday. However, according to Fresno Police, the Fresno Unified School District bus driver was taken into custody yet again on Wednesday after new charges of child molestation emerged. Sipes is now facing ten counts of lewd and lascivious acts with a child under the age of 14.

Sipes’ first arrest related to child pornography

According to a report by ABC 30, the previous arrest on Monday was related to the possession of child pornography which was found on Sipes’ computer.

According to Sgt. Israel Reyes, Fresno Police got information last Friday via the federal Internet Crimes against Children Task Force relating to child pornography emails which were received and downloaded within the Fresno area.

Police then got a warrant to search Sipes’ home where electronic equipment was seized by police. During the search, Sipes reportedly admitted to downloading child pornography. An investigation of his computer equipment showed the presence of more than 600 images of children under the age of 14 years.

Child molestation charges emerge

Reyes said it was after the Fresno school bus driver was released on bail on Monday night that Fresno Police received a tip from a woman, saying Sipes had sexually molested her many years ago as a child.

That tip led to Sipes being rearrested on Wednesday morning at a relative's home in Northeast Fresno. He currently remains in Fresno County Jail on a bail of $410,000 on ten different charges relating to lewd acts with a child under 14.

Sipes on unpaid administrative leave

Jessica Baird, a spokeswoman for Fresno Unified, said they were heartbroken to hear about the child pornography and child molestation charges and Sipes’ arrest.

She said they hope the police investigation is thorough, adding that the company works every day in an effort to keep the students safe. Baird said the school district has notified parents and the Fresno school bus driver was reportedly placed on administrative leave without pay as soon as the company learned of his Monday arrest.

Reportedly the school bus driver drove all ages of students, ranging from elementary school to high school, but neither police nor the Fresno Unified School District believes that any of these students were among his victims. However, police investigations into various leads are continuing.

The Fresno Bee states that should parents have any concerns about their children, they can contact Fresno Police Detective David Wilkin on 559-487-6025.