On Thursday, Russian President Vladimir Putin boosted some confidentiality around his grandchildren and mocked former FBI director James Comey by offering him an Asylum during a televised chat with the Russians, which is held annually.

However, Yahoo News reported that the Russian strongman clattered when he was confronted with tough questions by journalists prior to the end of a four phone-in event. Out of anger, he accused the BBC reporter of siding Alexi Navalny, who was jailed for his criticism of the Kremlin.

Putin's political future

The Kremlin leader avoided questions on whether he will run in the 2018 election for the fourth term.

Putin maintained the new US sanctions over alleged Russian interference in the 2016 US election are measures to contain Russia. This was stated during a televised display aimed at a local audience.

On Wednesday, The US Senate overwhelmingly passed an amendment outlining a new set of sanctions against Russia.

Putin said the United States is not their enemy but expressed displeasure of Russia being sanctioned throughout its history of partnering with the US. The Kremlin strongman said the US is afraid of what he described as “serious competitor.”

Facetious asylum offer

He facetiously suggested offering a political Asylum to James Comey former Federal Bureau of Investigation Director, who was fired by US President Donald Trump for his handling of the Russia’s probe.

Putin likened him to fugitive Edward Snowden National Security Adviser leaker, who was offered Russian asylum.

The Russian President said, in the event that James Comey is persecuted, Russia would be willing to offer him asylum. He should be aware of this, Putin added.

At some point, Putin meticulously composed live show. There were questions displayed on the screen sent by the viewers by text message which he was expected to answer.

Stage-managed questions

Prior to the end of the show, a presenter asked Putin a question sent by a viewer, of what he thinks could be people’s feelings about the circus with staged questions. There were reports of secret rehearsals outside Moscow for individuals that will be reading questions on camera.

The question, however, suggests the producers were trying to counter the feeling that the show was stage-managed.

In response, President Putin insisted the questions were not prepared prior to the start of the show.

Some of the text messages demanded Putin not to contest the 2018 election when he is expected to run for a fourth term.