democrats, Republicans, politically amorphous - everyone plays for the same team. That's the message members of the country's legislative branch tried to get across over the past 36 hours as baseball practice turned to horror, then back to baseball. At the end of the Congressional Baseball Game on Thursday, the Democrats came out on top of the Republicans; the result was not what mattered in the aftermath of Wednesday's shooting, though.

Democrats prove victorious

The game was far from a close contest. The Democrats toppled the Republicans 11-2 in the annual contest.

The best player was Louisiana Representative Cedric Richmond, who pitched seven innings, recorded three hits (including a triple), and scored three runs. Ultimately, the baseball game raised over $1 million for charities across the Washington D.C. area, including the Boys and Girls Club of Greater Washington, the Washington Literacy Center, the Washington Nationals Dream Foundation, and the Capitol Police Memorial Fund.

There were several ceremonious moments before the Congressional Baseball Game to mark the events of Wednesday morning. Capitol Police officer David Bailey threw the first pitch on crutches after being injured responding to the incident on Wednesday. All of the players gathered together for a prayer in the middle of the infield before the game started.

Additionally, Democrats and Republicans alike wore LSU caps to represent the alma mater of House Majority Whip Steve Scalise.

Congressional Baseball Game marred by tragedy

There were genuine questions as to whether the Congressional Baseball Game would be played on Thursday after a shootout at a Republican practice on Wednesday injured several, including Representative Scalise, who is said to be in grave condition.

The shooter died from his wounds but was believed to be fiercely liberal and a big detractor of Donald Trump; another incident of violence stemming from the country's polarizing politics.

But the game went on, and bipartisan shows of support ruled the day. While it felt like a rarity, Democrats and Republicans were getting along all night long.

They were playing baseball, the national pastime of the country. Everything looked picturesque. It's a shame that it took a senseless act of violence and the Congressional Baseball Game to showcase politicians from across the aisle getting along in public.