Since the inception of his administration, US President Donald Trump has been plagued with controversies. Trump and his aides are accused of having affairs with Russia. The Trump administration is being investigated over its relationship with Moscow prior to the 2016 election.

In an interview with NBC’s Lester Holt in May, President Trump said he was not under investigation. He made this statement two days after firing Former FBI director James Comey. Trump said Comey was fired for manhandling the Russia Probe.

Trump's testimony

The President said he asked the former FBI boss if he was being investigated, but Comey said he was not on three occasions.

The debate whether President Trump is under investigation has been put to rest since a report by the Washington Post on Wednesday made It clear that three senior intelligence officers are facing special counsel Bob Mueller to respond to questions whether President Trump obstructed justice in the Russia saga. The three officers are Dan Coats National Intelligence Director, Mike Rogers National Security Agency Director and Richard Ledgett former deputy director NSA.

A source told reporters that the probes by Mueller seeks information and will ask Rogers and coats.

Administration's claims

Administration officials alleged that Trump received private assurance from former FBI boss James Comey that he was not being investigated but that changed immediately Comey was fired.

The Washington Post reported that Trump was not under investigation personally until Comey was fired on May 9, but he is now being investigated.

For that being the case, it’s practically impossible for President Trump and his aides to disregard this investigation as a distraction or a creation of the biased media. This is the President of the United States under probe for possible obstruction of justice in connection with a criminal investigation about Russian government interference in the US election for the sole aim of defeating his Democratic rival.

Future of the Trump administration

Considering that the Trump administration is less than 150 days and an investigation by a Special Counsel who is also a former Federal Bureau of Investigation director speak volume for the kind of government that will run the affairs of this nation for a couple of years.

Probing whether President Trump obstructed justice simply means that the Mueller’s panel will also consider the circumstances that led to Comey’s firing. Though, this was not among the federal investigation when Comey was still heading the FBI.