During the campaign trail, Republican candidate Donald Trump made a lot of predictions about rival Hillary Clinton which are unfolding before the eyes of America. There was, however, one major key element that the billionaire failed to forecast.

The dire situation he foresaw is happening to him now, not the former secretary of state. Trump then warned that the White House would have a lot of investigations and scandals as big as the Watergate scandal, The New York Daily News reported.

Constitutional crisis

Trump cited the investigation into the use by Clinton of a private email server when she was the secretary of state under the administration of President Barack Obama.

He predicted just a few days before Election Day that the investigation would lead to an unprecedented and protracted constitutional crisis if Clinton won the election.

He warned during an event in New Hampshire that Clinton would be on trial and under investigation for years. Trump said such a situation would make it difficult for the U.S. to move forward. If was under investigation, the real estate billionaire said in Denver it would be virtually impossible for Clinton to lead the nation.

He added the presidency will be tied up in court “for the rest of our lives” if Hillary won, Time reported. In late October, when then-FBI Director James Comey said he would reopen the Clinton email server investigation, Trump warned of the dangers of the sitting president being under investigation.

Even Trump’s campaign staff had their say. Kellyanne Conway tweeted that most of the honest people she knows are not under FBI investigation. Reince Priebus, who was then the chairman of the Republican National Committee, said the investigation into Hillary is a reminder that she cannot be trusted to be the next president.

Rising political temperature

As all of the campaign predictions are happening to Trump, The New York Daily News writer Shaun King, in an opinion piece, said Americans are feeling the rising political temperature less than 150 days into a Trump presidency. He described the heat as “hot as hell” and almost at a critical boiling point.

King noted that a dark cloud of gloom has settled over the administration as judges reject his travel ban, as Trump deprives millions of Americans of health insurance, and proposed an inhumane budget. He lamented that having Trump as the 45th president has dire consequences because all of his policies, which Trump tweets, are toxic and indicates he is willing to be reckless at the worst possible time for the nation.