Russia condemned the shooting down of a Pro-Assad jet fighter by a U.S. Navy plane near the town of Raqqa. Because of the attack which Moscow labeled as a "massive violation of international law," U.S. planes will now be treated as targets by both Russia and Syria.

Why did the U.S. Navy down a Pro-Assad jet fighter?

According to reports from the Syrian Democratic Force, the pro-Assad Su-22 jet fighter was targeting rebel forces attacking ISIS-controlled Raqqa. The threat posed by the government plane forced U.S. naval intelligence to sortie out and shoot down the belligerent aircraft.

Though the narrative is denied by Russian intelligence, the reports of Syrian aggression against rebels has become a rallying banner for Sdf troops to fight Assad's regime.

The downing of the government plane is the first time an American aircraft engaged in an air-to-air combat over Syria. With the downing of the Syrian plane by American fighter jets, Russia will not easily forgive what has just happened. The Russian Defense Ministry stated that they will now treat U.S. planes as targets. They also warned the US planes Pcan be attacked if deemed necessary.

The Kremlin added that any coalition aircraft spotted west of the Euphrates river will be regarded as targets and may be attacked by air and ground defenses.

The conflagration in Syria is starting to worsen as SDF fighters and Assad forces are slowly destroying ISIS positions in Syria, leaving no common enemy to fight against.

After the terrorist group is eliminated, it is likely that the rebels and government forces will faceoff in a deadly showdown. Russia is adamantly protecting Assad from being toppled by Syrian rebels, but the United States is mum about actively supporting the opposition to end Assad's brutal regime.

What is the reaction of the United States to Russia's threat?

Ever since U.S. forces started to back Syrian rebels during Obama's administration, the tension between Russia and the US has always been high. Assad's forces were almost toppled at that time but Russian intervention allowed the government continued to persist.

Now, Assad's forces are storming through ISIS controlled territory, plowing through installations and defensive strongholds, pushing ISIS ever so slowly out of the country.

This is in contrast to the Syrian Democratic Forces, which has stalled in Raqqa after starting its offensive late in May. The fate of Syria is still in the balance as rebels and government forces play a "Game of Thrones" type of situation that will cause more years of bloodshed and sorrow for millions of Syrians.