Just 24 hours after Republicans scored big special election victories in Georgia and South Carolina, Donald Trump made sure to gloat on social media. During a Wednesday night re-election rally in iowa, Trump was quick to double down on the issue at hand.

Trump in Iowa

On Tuesday night, Republican Ralph Norman defeated Democrat Archie Parnell in South Carolina, and Karen Handel picked up a win over Democrat Jon Ossoff in Georgia. The results were a crushing blow to the Democratic Party who were hoping to pull two congressional seats from their Republican counterparts.

Not long after the results were made public, Donald Trump took to his Twitter feed to brag about the victory, while doing so yet again in a follow-up tweet the next morning. Despite his falling approval numbers, Trump appears optimistic, at least in public, and wanted to piggyback on the election victories with a re-election rally for himself. During the 2016 presidential election, the former host of "The Apprentice" pulled off many upsets, including turning Iowa from blue to red and picking up the state's six electoral votes. In celebration of the aforementioned GOP election wins, Trump returned to Iowa to hold a re-election campaign rally on June 21.

Speaking to a crowd of supporters in Cedar Rapids, Iowa on Wednesday night, Donald Trump made sure to praise the Republican victories, but taking multiple shots at the Democratic Party for allegedly being "obstructionists." "Obamacare is a disaster," Trump said.

"If we went and got the single greatest health care plan in the history of the world we would not get one Democrat vote because they are obstructionist!" Trump continued to the roar of the crowd. "If we had any Democrat support, you could have everything," he went on to say. "I am making it hard to get their support, but who cares," Trump said.

At one point Donald Trump praised his accomplishments during his first six months in office, before taking a jab at the media by criticizing their coverage of the Georgia election. "All of the television networks, other than Fox who has treated us fairly," Trump said.

"They built these studios, CNN," Trump stated, as the crowd booed on cue. The president then accursed CNN of shutting off their live feed, before taking a shot at NBC. "This phony NBC television network," he went on to say. While the crowd cheered the commander in chief throughout the night, a group of protesters temporarily crashed the rally at one point, as they blew whistles causing Trump to stop his speech.

Moving forward

While Donald Trump still has his group of loyal supporters, he's losing popularity on a national scale. Despite his recent promotion of a favorable poll from the right-leaning Rasmussen, the most recent round of polling shows Trump with an approval rating that has dropped below 40 percent.