As former FBI Director James Comey's hearing before the Senate Intelligence Committee nears, President Trump has apparently spent the first days of the week alone in the White House. The Washington Post has reported that up to 20 White House officials have described that the President is furious about the upcoming hearing and -- as Blasting News detailed -- he plans to counter Comey's testimony as it airs with scathing tweets. In a way, with Trump's solitude, James Comey's appearance before the committee is likened to a ghost in Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol as the former FBI Director's image will appear before Trump via a television screen in the Oval Office.

Trump's agenda stalled in courts

The Washington Post described the setting as Trump not being able to move forward with his agenda through Congress, the courts and from under the weight of the investigation bearing down on him. Over the week, the President has been defiant through Twitter in regards to the rejection of his travel ban from the federal court of appeals. As Blasting News also reported, the courts determined that the language in his executive order to impose the ban was clearly that of intolerance. Trump fired back on Twitter saying that he didn't care what anyone called it, Muslim ban or not, he was doing it for national security.

President lashes out at Comey

But attorneys have tried to rein him in to keep him from being so careless with what he says.

Donald Trump has refused to listen, however, and is said to have "chafed" at their advice. Despite him saying that he wished James Comey luck at his hearing, it's likely that his "good wishes" translate into him being condescending towards the former FBI Director. The Washington Post also referred to Newt Gingrich who as a Trump surrogate, is sought after to provide insight into the Oval Office's way of thinking.

In the article, Gingrich said that given the endless reports of the Russian investigation and the exposure that Comey had gotten in the media, that it's infuriated the President.

Agenda stalled in Congress

As for Congress not putting his agenda to work, since the beginning of his administration, Trump has tried to muscle his way through Congress with draconian budget proposals and bullying without success.

With a Republican-led Congress, it's likely they're adjusting to some ways they can set his agenda, such as they've done with the passing of the American Health Care Act (AHCA) where they simply resorted to Trumpism to pass it through the House. Currently, Senate Republicans are behind closed doors rewriting the bill without Democrats to try and get a vote and perhaps signed by the President. While they try to move forward in this way, the President will have to deal with Congress, the courts and now James Comey.