In 1998, an astronaut took a picture of a strange-looking object that was caught in Earth's orbit. The image sent the media, and parts of the world into a frenzy. Conspiracy theorists hopped all over the piece of space debris that no one has had any sort of explanation for. The first ever record of the Black Knight was actually back in the 1950's and is one of the main reasons that a sudden fascination with UFO's sprouted into existence. Early reports indicated that it was broadcasting something, and it was also thought to have been launched by Russia, but the nation lacked the technology to maintain such an object in space at the time.

The satellite's story

In a statement made by astronaut Gordon Cooper in 1963 during a space flight, he claimed that an object appeared to be moving towards him and that this object had a "green glow" about it. The object was confirmed to have existed, but the astronaut wasn't allowed to make official statements to media. The green glow was explained away as hallucinations from elevated levels of carbon dioxide. The object is supposedly a natural satellite; however, it does not look organic. Since its discovery, NASA has been keeping a close eye on it, and photographing it frequently.

Interstellar mysteries

Oddly enough, there are two objects like this in Earth's orbit. Each are supposedly, at different heights above Earth's surface.

They both orbit, behave and look about the same. It was the picture taken in 1998, which was directly released to the public, that really started the conspiracy surrounding Black Knight. So, what are the theories behind it? The first are a couple simple explanations made by space corporations. There was a launch in 1959 in which the ejection phase of the capsule didn't go quite according to plan.

The capsule went astray into orbit and was announced lost after some time. The Black Knight could be that lost capsule.

Of course, it's aliens!

Another far less likely theory pertains to aliens. Some people believe the satellite was sent out to analyze the universe. It stopped here at Earth and is transmitting data back to where ever it came from.

If one were to believe this theory, then they'd tell you that Black Knight has been in Earth's orbit for about 13,000 years! The skeptics of this claim can explain everything away, and quite well too. Regardless of what one believes, one thing is irrevocably true. There is an object in space orbiting Earth and no one is completely certain of what it is and where it came from.