North Korea boldly claimed that they now have the capability to intercept U.S. fighter jets and missiles. This is said to be deployed to protect its nuclear program from preemptive strikes from the United States. The news was broadcast by the North Korean state-driven news network, the Korean Central News Agency.

Details of the new North Korean anti-aircraft defense system

According to Newsweek, North Korea claims to have tested an anti-aircraft weapon that has the same capabilities as the Russian C-300 missile defense system and the U.S. Patriot system.

The rogue state also added that due to U.S. plans to end Pyongyang's nuclear ambition, this defense system was put in place. The state-run news agency also bragged that this anti-aircraft defense system is so effective that it will nullify even the most modern U.S. warplane to date.

Because of this "weapons system" being in place in the North, they are demanding that the U.S. roll back its hostile policy towards North Korea. The state-run newspaper, the Minju Joson, also reiterated this narrative to its citizens that the United States has no other option but to give up or face the consequences. To further solidify this narrative, North Korean propaganda showed a video of Kim Jong-un personally observing a missile launch, but it is unknown when the video was recorded.

The response of the United States to this new threat

The United States is increasing its presence in the area. In the past month, the U.S. Military conducted two missile tests, a series of military drills with allied countries, and the installation of the Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (or THAAD), an effective anti-missile system in South Korea.

There are three super carriers at the ready in and around the Korean peninsula, ready to spring into action if needed. Also an armada of support and escort ships are also in the area, including nuclear submarines -- which are now docked in South Korea. This is the manpower and the materials that the United States brought to Kim Jong-un's doorstep.

However, of even greater concern to the United States -- more so than the warmonger in the North -- are the calculating gestures of China. The foreign policy of Beijing is hard to decipher as it weaves its way through neighboring countries to gain their trust and have them on their side. In that regard, China may be the one to watch -- perhaps even more than the North.