Narendra Modi, the current Prime Minister of India, will be meeting President Donald Trump at the White House on June 26. The news was announced by Indian Foreign Ministry and confirmed by the White House. This first meeting between the two most followed leaders on Twitter will mark ''a new direction for deeper bilateral engagement'' and ''consolidation of multi-dimensional strategic partnership,’’ the White House announced on Monday.

Trump’s views on India

During his campaign trail, Donald Trump in a rally made a statement that encouraged American Indians, first or second generation, to vote for him.

He said he is “a big fan of Hindu and I am a big fan of India. Big, big fan.” Trump and Modi have briefly spoken to each other after his presidential inauguration ceremony. President Trump called India “a true friend and partner in addressing challenges around the world.”

President Trump’s opinion regarding India has gone through a gradual shift as one can see in the Paris climate accord meet when the US opted to exit, he slammed India along with China in his climate speech saying, “India's participation contingent on receiving "billions and billions and billions" in foreign aid.” His statement received criticism in India’s media houses as well as a rebuke from the popular Indian Foreign Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj who said,

“India didn't sign the Paris climate deal under pressure or greed for money.

We signed it because of our belief—a 5,000-year-old belief in environment. If someone says we signed it for money or under pressure, I’ll reject it. It is wrong.”

Among other issues that will be discussed by these two popular leaders, is the decision of Trump administration to reduce H-1B visas. Currently, Indian immigrants represent the second-largest origin group in the US, almost 4.7% of the total foreign-born population.

In April this year, President Trump signed an executive order that introduced changes to the H-1B visas. If implemented, visas will become more expensive and limited in numbers.

India’s Foreign Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj while talking to media said that H-1B visas issue will be discussed by Prime Minister Modi during this visit.

Another issue that will be raised with Trump is the safety of immigrants.

What’s common between Modi and Trump?

Both leaders have a conservative ideology. Trump leads the Republicans in the US, while Narendra Modi single-handedly represents the biggest right-wing party in India called the BJP (Bharatiya Janata Party or Indian People Party). Before Trump launched his “Make America Great Again” campaign, it was Narendra Modi who sold the idea of “Make in India” in 2013 asking multinational companies to manufacture their products in India.

Economic nationalism aka the idea of development is what made Indians believe and vote for Modi as Americans voted for Trump to bring jobs back into the country.

Another thing common between the two leaders is media criticism. While President Trump continues to hold press conferences despite his belief that most media in America is “Fake News”, since his election India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi has taken questions from only one media house, Times Now, which is an allegedly Pro-Government channel. Pm Modi’s inability to undertake criticism from media and his continuous attempt to escape accountability continue to be a cause of worry for media and the opposition in India. PM Modi is on a foreign trip to strengthen bilateral foreign trade relations of India.

He recently met Vladimir Putin with whom he shares a warm relationship. India and Russia have been allies for centuries.

The June 26 meeting between the two right-wing leaders will then dictate the further course for an emergent developing economy and the United States.