Reports say that the President of the United States Donald Trump is under investigation for Obstruction Of Justice. The Washington Post reported that the Federal investigators looking into Trump's link to Russia during the election have expanded.

The special counsel investigating the Russian involvement in the 2016 presidential elections is now reportedly investigating President Trump for obstruction of justice. This is the first time that an investigation aimed towards the 2016 presidential election has implicated President Trump.

It was reported that the federal probe dissecting the ties between Trump's campaign and Russia, led by Robert Mueller has expanded and now includes the premise that President Trump attempted to "thwart" the probe.

The president allegedly pushed former FBI Director James Comey to drop a probe on Michael Flynn, a former national security adviser. During his previous testimony under oath to the Congress, Comey said that Trump instructed him to "let this go", pertaining to Flynn. The president denied this by saying it wasn't true and that he himself is willing to testify, under oath, to the Congress.

President Trump Implicated in Probe

Former FBI Director Comey was fired after the Russia controversy surfaced. President Trump's alleged attempt to "thwart" the investigation goes beyond Comey. Reports say that he also approached Dan Coats, the director of national intelligence. The action was also intended to convince Comey to let go of Flynn's FBI investigation.

In addition to that, Trump also reportedly asked the National Security Agency head Mike Rogers to issue a statement denying evidence, if there's any, linking his 2016 campaign to Russia. Apparently, both men did not issue any statement in Trump's favor.

Sources like the New York Times and other publications say that Mueller is planning on interviewing the abovementioned names including Richard Ledgett, former deputy director of the NSA.

This could be in line with the obstruction of justice investigation implicating President Trump.

How Far Will President Trump Go?

Rumors say that Trump might fire Mueller circulated after Chris Ruddy, a close ally of President Trump said in a TV appearance that the leader was thinking of "terminating" the special counsel. However, the attorney general denied the rumors and said that there are no secret plans going on.

The White House press office also denied the rumors by saying that the president has no plans of doing so.

Meanwhile, the FBI press office remains quiet about the issue. Possibly to avoid further complications and because they are avoiding to add fuel to the fire.