The United States is set to sell $12 billion worth of F-15 Fighter Aircraft to Qatar in spite of diplomatic rifts between the nation and its neighbors.

Pentagon spokesperson Lt. Col. Roger Cabiness told CNN that the Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis met with Qatari Minister of State for Defense Affairs Dr Khalid Al-attiyah to finalize the purchase of the US-made fighter aircraft by the Qatari government. The purchase will improve bilateral ties and boost security operations between the both countries.

Lt. Col. Cabiness discloses details of meeting

Cabiness said the content of the discussion was centered on mutual security interests as well as reducing the mounting tensions between all partners of the Gulf region in order to reach a common target.

United States decision to sell its combat aircraft shows its support for Qatar as it faces regional marginalization.

According to CNN reports, President Trump seemed to support a move by Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, UEA and Egypt to cut off diplomatic ties with Qatar, a strong U.S. ally and a host to one of their largest military bases in the Gulf region. Trump said last week that the Qatari government was involved in funding terrorism.

But the President seems to be alone on this one as top officials disagree with his statement. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson expressed her disapproval of the President’s stance in a House foreign affairs committee meeting saying she was not in support of his position on the issue.

Mattis stated in a meeting with the House armed service committee on Monday that the diplomatic relationship between the two countries was critical, emphasizing that the Qatari government hosted the U.S. largest military base in the Middle East. Mattis stated that although the both countries had conflict of interests, they both had to work together.

Qatari Minister commends the efforts of the U.S.

The Qatari Minister expressed his gratitude to the United States for the sale of the F-15 fighter aircraft in a statement he issued on Wednesday. He said the deal depicts the longstanding bilateral tie between the Qatari government and the United States.

He also indicated his approval of the relationship, saying the agreement had cemented a longstanding military tie having fought side by side with a common goal of eradicating terrorism.

Al-Attiyah said the agreement was a step further in improving the strategic and cooperative defense relationship between the two countries.