A man from Albuquerque, New Mexico allegedly stabbed his Parents because their home lacked an Air Conditioner.

Fox 6 reported that the man, identified as Robert Generosa, got angry and began stabbing his parents using a knife. Initially, the suspect only held the knife in the air then waved it. He then began yelling and told his parents he would stab them as he held the knife close to his parents’ faces. Generosa cut his father’s face a number of times and hit the top of his head with the knife handle.

For his mother’s injuries, reports did not indicate whether she also suffered from the same attack like that of Generosa’s father.

The father is now recovering and is at home. His face is reportedly covered with large bandages.

Suspect refused to surrender to police

Police responded to calls about the stabbing at the family’s home. When authorities came to take Generosa, he refused to come out of the house. The standoff lasted for several hours. Generosa eventually surrendered without incident at around 3 a.m.

Father claims son had mental episode

The father of Generosa claimed that his son had a mental episode on the evening of the attack. It remains unclear if Generosa had mental health issues in the past or if he had violent episodes.

Police also did not say whether Generosa has had past run-ins with the law or if he has any criminal history.

Neighbors said they had known Generosa for years now and he has always been nice. Reports did not say how long as Generosa been living with his parents. Police did not elaborate as to what angle they are looking at now regarding the motive of Generosa. Authorities also did not say whether drugs or alcohol played a role as to why Generosa was able to do such to his parents.

Neighbors express shock, pity after the attack

The neighbors of the family said they knew the parents of Generosa for years. One neighbor, named William Gray, said the father has always been a nice person and also described him as kind. Another neighbor, James Brazell, added, “I feel sorry for what happened, you know? It’s bad; it’s not good, it’s family.

Obviously, the son has some problems, you know. Families have problems and everything else. I’m just sorry to see that.” It is unknown if there were other people inside the home at the time of the incident such as family members.

Generosa was charged with aggravated battery with a deadly weapon. He remains in jail for lack of funds to pay his $5,000 bond.