Rumors that Melania Trump secretly wants out of her marriage is something she's been fighting since the inauguration. Magazines run stories about the Trumps' marriage often and have mysterious sources telling them that Melania is unhappy and can't stand her life since her husband became president. There have even been reports that the two signed divorce papers before Donald won the election, but never filed the documents.

The divorce rumors just reignited once again after "Morning Joe" co-host, Mika Brzezinski, told InStyle magazine Friday that she thinks Melania Trump is ready to leave Donald.

Mika's feud with the president over his crude tweets that she was "bleeding badly from a facelift" on New Year' Eve at Mar-a-Lago has spiraled out of control.

Mika and her co-host, Joe Scarborough, used to be good friends with the Trumps, but things have taken a sharp turn for the worst. The "Morning Joe" hosts have skewered Trump as president, and he's lashed out at both of them -- especially Mika.

Mika's thoughts

Melania defends her husband's tweets against Mika, who claims Melania isn't going to keep putting up with Trump.

She began by saying that she hasn't talked to Melania "in months," but suspects she's not going to "put up with it much longer." She added that she's "knows nothing" and that it's just her gut "instinct." What's more, Mika believes that Melania has "the worst job in the country' for the sake of her young son, Barron."

It didn't take long for Melania's office to respond to Mika's remarks.

The first lady issued a statement that said, "It is sad when people try to further their agenda by commenting on my family and me, especially when they don't know me."

Is Mika getting back at Melania?

Does Mika know enough about Melania Trump to make such an assumption, or is she trying to get back at her for defending her husband's tweets?

As a woman, it must be frustrating for Mika to see Melania not do more to stand up for a victim of cyber-bullying -- a cause she vowed to do as the first lady.

Melania hasn't made any progress on that declaration since Donald became president. She may have picked up on the fact it wasn't such a great subject for her given the fact her husband is the No. 1 offender of cyber-bullying. For whatever reason, Melania appears to have abandoned that platform and isn't sharing what her real plans are.

What do you think of Mika fanning the flames of divorce rumors facing Donald and Melania Trump? Is there any truth to it or is she playing games to fire up more negative reports of the Trumps?