The US student who was flown from North Korea to a hospital in the United States has died. Otto Warmbier died Monday, less than a week after returning home from his 17 months in the reclusive country. His family said he was tortured into a coma.

Warmbier’s family announced their son had “completed his journey home.” He died in Cincinnati, Ohio, at the age of 22 after returning from North Korea's detention.

Outrage over death

According to CNN, the grieved family said at such moment it is best to concentrate on all they had lost. A future that won’t be spent with an engaging, brilliant and warm young man whose interest and zeal for life has been cut short could be frustrating, the family said.

Warmbier’s death elicited strong abrogation of the North Korean regime in the most abhorrent manner by the US government. His death could prompt the Trump administration to take a tough stance on China to prevail on Pyongyang.

US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said the unjust imprisonment and torture of Warmbier is unacceptable and the US holds North Korea accountable for all the travails the American college student went through.

Sen. McCain- North Korea killed Warmbier

Pyongyang said Warmbier contracted botulism after taking a sleeping pill which led him to coma in March 2016. But doctors who treated him said they found no trace of the illness after diagnosis.

Republican Senator John McCain said the fact is clear, Otto Warmbier, a US citizen was killed by the brutal Kim Jung Un regime.

McCain made the claim while reacting to the death of the American students in a Cincinnati hospital Monday.

In his reaction, US President Donald Trump criticized the Kim regime and described it as brutal. He lamented the death of a young and enthusiastic man whose future has been ruined by brutality.

Condemnation trails Warmbier's death

The President said Otto Warmbier’s death intensifies his administration’s resolve to put an end to such tragedies happening to innocent people at the hands of cruel and brutal regimes who do not have regard for life and human rights. He added that the US mourns the latest victim of the brutal regime of Kim Jung Un.

The student did not speak or move in any possible way since he returned from North Korea. The doctors described his condition as “unresponsive wakefulness”, otherwise called persistent vegetative state. Warmbier suffered immense brain damage prior to his death.