A Dakota County Sheriff’s Office deputy in Minnesota was highly amused over the weekend to find a “Get out of jail free” card when he arrested a man on an outstanding felony warrant. While the sheriff’s office also found it funny, the Monopoly card didn’t actually work, as the suspect was still taken into custody.

Deputy pulls over a car for an outstanding warrant

As reported by the Sacramento Bee, Deputy Mike Vai was on duty at the time, and while driving, he spotted a vehicle registered to someone wanted on an outstanding warrant. After pulling the car over, he found out that the passenger in the vehicle was also wanted when he ran the man’s ID.

The passenger, who was not identified by the Sheriff’s office, was apparently wanted on a controlled substance charge. The suspect also reportedly had quite the sense of humor.

‘Get out of Jail Free’ Monopoly card found on the suspect

KARE 11 reports that Vai searched the suspect and discovered the much-coveted Monopoly card in the man’s pocket. The deputy found the situation so amusing that he immediately contacted the administrator of the Sheriff’s Office’s Facebook page who also saw the funny side of the incident. That person then posted the story on Facebook, complete with a photo of the “Get out of Jail Free” card in question.

‘A’ for effort for the Monopoly fan despite the warrant

The Facebook post showed appreciation for the humor of the situation and went on to say that Deputy Vai arrested a suspect over the weekend for an outstanding warrant and found the card on him.

The post then went on to give the suspect an “A” for effort.

One lady commented on the Facebook post to ask if the suspect always carries the card in case he ever gets stopped by an officer, to which the department replied yes, and that he most likely still will, as they had no reason to take it from him.

Another woman posted a photo of a “Get out of Jail Free” cookie, explaining that when her son turned 21, she made the cookies in case he got into trouble while out with his friends.

A man commented with surprise, saying “What? Those aren’t valid?” while another commented, “Close but no cigar” telling the suspect to go to jail and to not collect $200. Yet another Facebook user with eagle eyes noted that the card had “expired in 2008.”

It turns out that the suspect told the deputy that he always carries the card with him, just in case. You never know when such a token can come in handy. And, of course, it’s always nice to come across a police officer with their sense of humor still thoroughly intact.