Earlier this week, reporters for Yahoo News saw Kendall Jenner with a massive diamond on her left finger. Somebody put a ring on it. However, it’s hazy if her rapper boyfriend A$AP Rocky is the one who placed the large precious stone sitting on her hand to declare and engagement. The Supermodel could have put the diamond there herself to accessorize her outfit. The iconic Reality TV star was the center of attention Monday evening as she ventured out to view her lover’s New York City performance with that strikingly looked like a wedding ring.

Jenner and Rocky's attire low-key, except for their rings

Other than the colossal ice sitting with elegance on her hand, Kendall appeared dressed comfortably for the event in pants, a hoodie, and boots with a loose-fitting coat covering all of it. She looked stunning, yet she was settling on comfort paying little respect to whatever else.

Her beau and possibly future husband dressed similarly comfortable as well. He wore an orange and blue pants topped with a black shirt. One thing people noticed was that he too had a ring on his left finger. However, it was unmistakably not a wedding band.

The model and rapper do have history

The couple first sparked rumors last year in June. At first things between them seemed nonchalant.

The two began spending more quality time together. That's when people started to notice that there was more to them besides just being good friends. Paparazzi spotted them together while they were out having dinner at a restaurant in Paris.

The public caught them together again a month later in Beverly Hills at the Mr. C Inn cuddling one another.

Since that time, they’ve been inseparable. The pair travels the world together on a regular basis and even attended the Coachella Valley Music and Art Festival together.

Jenner, 21, and Rocky, 28, got extremely affectionate during the 2017 Met Gala. Regardless of the way that they've kept their relationship on the undercover for over a year, there is no doubt now that the two are, at last, prepared to give the world an inside scoop into their growing sentiment.

Fans and celebrities alike who favor both superstars will more than likely be watching her ring’s every move since the sparkler seems to signify a defining moment in her relationship. It could be from a marriage proposal. It might also be just a publicity stunt just to give people another reason to keep her family in the news headlines. Everyone knows the Kardashian-Jenner clan are widely known for doing just that.

Despite the ring’s meaning or significance to Jenner now, one thing’s for certain: The diamond undeniably huge.