Comedian Kathy Griffin may find herself on the other side of the “beheading” fence if her claims of receiving death threats are real. Since she posted a photo on Twitter of Griffin holding the fake beheaded and bloodied head of the U.S. president, the ex-CNN presenter said she gets detailed and specific death threats.

Griffin, who lost her New Year’s Eve hosting gig over the Trump beheading joke, said a person should not have to die for making a joke. She stressed the video was a parody and in response to the president’s comment in summer that Megyn Kelly, a Fox News Channel journalist, had blood coming out of her eyes and wherever.

The 56-year-old said the video was a parody of Trump’s sexist remarks brought to an extreme, absurdist visual, New York Post reported.

First Amendment rights’ exercise

While Griffin has said sorry online for making the joke – which reportedly made 11-year-old Barron Trump shriek out of the belief his father was really decapitated – she pointed out that as an exercise of her First Amendment rights, she will continue making fun of Trump. Besides the death threats that Kathy allegedly gets, she is being investigated by the Secret Service over the ISIS-like beheading joke,

Griffin also hit back at the First Family whom she said destroyed her career and life. At a news conference on Friday, the embattled comic said that it is the first time in U.S.

history that a sitting president of the country, the first lady, and his grown children are personally trying to ruin her life forever. She said that knowing Trump’s character; he will never stop at getting back at Griffin, New York Daily News reported.

First family tweets

On Wednesday, after the gory image of Trump’s bloodied head held by Griffin became viral, the president tweeted that Griffin should be ashamed for what she did.

He pointed out that Barron is having a hard time dealing with the image which the 11-year-old saw on TV.

In a statement, Melania Trump, the mother of Barron, described the image as disturbing. She said the tweet would make people wonder about the mental health of Griffin.

Griffin admitted in her initial apology that as a comedian, she often crosses the line.

But Griffin countered that the Trumps also crossed the line when they reacted to the parody. Griffin said apologizing was the right thing to do and she meant the apology. But the comedian said based on the Trumps’ reaction; they were going to spin the incident by making it about Barron which was not her intent. Griffin insisted she never wants to hurt anyone, especially a child.