Last night was the kickoff to the 2017 NBA finals. This NBA final is a part of a trilogy that lost nothing along the way. Each final with both these teams lived up to the hype. Each final also was overhyped. The Golden State Warriors are the favorites to win the finals and be the favorites.

This year they are favorites not because they had it easy but the fact that they are three-time finalists, they have the unanimous two-time MVP, the potential defensive player of the year and Klay Thompson. They are the best team in the NBA. The biggest myth coming into this finals is that the Golden State Warriors have not been tested in this playoffs.

Three-time NBA finalists

The Golden Stae Warriors trip back to the NBA finals may have been a little easier than those before, but they still dominated the western conference for three years straight. Not only that, they lost no games in the playoffs. They still should be respected right? Well In Cavs nation, they were not.

The fact that Lebron and his Cavaliers had a hard time defending them the last two years was often ignored in THE LAND.They may have overcome a three to one deficit to become the 2016 champions, but that was not enough to favor them in this finals series.

Kevin Durant

This addition was crucial. The Golden State Warriors became the team with the most wins in history without him, but he made them a lot more lethal.

Durant was the big name they added along with the likes of JaVale McGhee, David West, and Matt Barnes.

The season had ups and downs. They lost the opener vs a Spurs team that was destined to prove themselves as still a great team but even with Spurs greatness, warriors greatness came out on top in the conference finals. Warriors team was destined to get another shot at Lebron James' Cavaliers.

Game 1: What did it prove?

This finals game 1 lived up to the hype, but it also revealed some things for Lebron and his Cleveland Cavaliers that cannot be ignored. Somehow Warriors found a way to wear down the high octane Cavaliers after halftime. The Golden State Warriors came out of halftime and scored 13 straight points. The lead ballooned to 21 points just like that.

Klay was off offensively, but his defense was more effective than he was given credit for. Draymond Green was himself, and Curry and Durant were just amazing. All of the stars found ways to contribute from start to finish. One of the many bad signs for Cavs in this game was the fact that warriors crawled through adversity and found a way to win. Another is that Lebron and his Cavaliers were beaten by a team that was not at their best. The really bad sign for the Cavaliers was Kevin Durant.