We have seen jared kushner countless times in papers, online publications, and at political-related events since he was appointed the White House's Senior Advisor in January. But despite being one of the most controversial staffers of Donald Trump's administration, the president's son-in-law has remained silent after all these months.

Jared Kushner finally speaks

On Monday, the 36-year-old real estate developer and presidential advisor finally made his first-ever public speech to deliver his message about modernizing the government. Speaking from the White House, Kushner promised to "unleash the creativity of the private sector" in order to provide the best quality of service to the American people.

He also laid down their plans to update the federal government's decades-long old machinery and cited the use of floppy disks in the Department of Defense for some of its legacy systems. Kushner added that their primary objective is "to improve the day-to-day lives of the average citizens" and promised to make this government "more transparent" through this modernization.

The Senior Advisor specifically cited David Shulkin's efforts to move the Veteran Affairs to electronic health records to make the lives of the elderly convenient. Kushner added that veterans have suffered long wait times over the past 16 years but this administration aims to put an end to that burden. He even lauded Shulkin for a job well done and pledged to deliver bigger announcements in the upcoming days.

Rare public remarks caught attention

Of course, his rare public remarks caught the attention of those who have been curious about Kushner's speaking voice. Some of them were delighted to finally hear the top White House adviser, while others were displeased at what they just heard.

Aside from being criticized for his speaking voice, Kushner was also slammed for failing to address more important issues like his alleged involvement in Russia's interference during the 2016 Presidential Elections as well as his upcoming Middle East tour to meet with Israel's Benjamin Netanyahu and Palestine's Mahmoud Abbas on Wednesday.

Earlier reports stated the Presidential Advisor will advance Trump's peace agreement between these two leaders during his meeting with them this week. Kushner will be accompanied by Jason Greenblatt, who reportedly left for the Middle East on Monday. Both of them were also present during the U.S. leader's visit to Bethlehem and Jerusalem in May.