CNN reported that Ivanka Trump is amazed by the “viciousness” of the media covering her father's administration, alluding to the developing diversions because of the Russia investigation. In addition, Ivanka Trump, who is also a top adviser to the president, said on “Fox & Friends” that her dad felt “vindicated” by James Comey's declaration before the Senate insight committee.

The former FBI director had stated that there was no examination concerning Trump specifically during his time at the FBI.

Ivanka Trump caught off guard

Ivanka conceded that she was a little caught off-guard in light of the continuous Russia examination.

Ivanka Trump ascribed the media's headlines as having "a level of viciousness that I was not expecting." Ivanka said she was not anticipating the intensity of this experience the way it emerged.

In addition, she also recalled that her father felt incredibly optimistic and vindicated by the statements made by Comey. She added that despite the intensity of media coverage, the Trump administration is focused on delivering its best to the American people who elected the president in the first place.

Ivanka Trump defends Trump Administration

Ivanka Trump broadcast, that the Trump organization hopes to do gigantic things in future.

She additionally included that she was attempting to hold her head down, to stay away from the commotion and simply work through these difficult times to have a constructive outcome.

In her opinion, the 24-hour news cycle gets fed by and is encouraged through salacious details.

At the end of the day, she said that the Trump administration is only "focused on the work." CNN edition reported that she seems to have overlooked Donald Trump's reputation for ramping up fights on Twitter.

FBI's probe into Kushner's contribution

The FBI is investigating the part Jared Kushner played in the Russia probe.

The FBI is "looking at his role in the campaign's data analytics operation and his relationship with former national security adviser Michael Flynn," CNN report.

At present, there is no proof that Ivanka's husband Kushner did anything wrong. Nevertheless, President Trump has referred to the probe as a West Wing dramatization!

Ivanka Trump expressed her disappointment with the recent headlines, and said, “This isn't supposed to be easy." Her husband "loves his job as senior adviser and he sees his role as modernizing the government.”

A point to be noted is that Jared Kushner also manages foreign policy initiatives and the organizing of Trump's foreign trips.