Ever since joining her father as an assistant in the White House, First Daughter Ivanka Trump has done her best to highlight issues that she says are important to her. One of those areas is Paid Family Leave, though many critics of the administration don't seem to be taking her too seriously.

Ivanka's cause

Once it became official that Donald Trump was going to run for president, questions were raised as to what role, if any, his children would play in a potential administration. After pulling off the upset and winning the GOP nomination at the Republican National Convention last summer, Trump's children took on a greater role of importance in the campaign.

While the oldest sons, Donald Jr. and Eric, were viewed as more likely to run the business side of the family empire, Ivanka Trump seemed to have her father's ear. Following the shocking results of the 2016 presidential election, the former host of "The Apprentice" was on his way to the White House. Since then, family members have had an impact in the White House, including son-in-law Jared Kushner, as well as Ivanka who recently took on a role as an adviser and assistant. As seen on June 5, Ivanka tweeted out a reminder about the release of an upcoming paid family leave report, which was met with opposition from many liberal critics.

In a tweet sent out on Monday night, Ivanka Trump highlighted the need for paid family leave, an issue that often is at odds with many on the political right.

"Tomorrow AEI-Brookings releases their Paid Family Leave report," Ivanka tweeted, while adding, "It's time to make America great for working families." The tweet from Ivanka clashes with where the Republican Party stands on the issue, with many conservatives linking the idea of paid family leave to big government and a socialist political agenda.

Other critics point out that while she might have the right idea in theory, her father's proposed plans on the issue leave much to be desired in helping those in need, which was recently explained in a video put together by Fortune magazine.

Twitter reacts

While Ivanka Trump's stance on paid family leave often raises questions on where the administration stands on the issue, social media critics didn't seem to give her much of a shot to explain herself.

"She stole all of her ideas from @ChelseaClinton this was a marketing Ploy she didn't offer maternity leave at her own company," one Twitter user wrote, adding the hashtag "Phony."

"Oh, dear. Let's just cleanup your side of the street and pay Chinese factory workers minimum wage," another tweet read.

"Would that also include the Chinese families and the cheap labor you exploit to make your crappy merchandise? I'm sure it must, right?" a social media user rhetorically asked in pointing out Ivanka Trump's alleged "hypocritical" promotion.

"Better hurry sweetie, your days are numbered," another message noted. "Stop pretending it is business a usual. Your husband and father are accused of serious crimes and his admin may cease to exist very soon," yet another post read. As the tweets and responses piled up, it was more than obvious that those who oppose the current administration were not going to let their foot off the gas anytime soon.