Saddam Mohamed Raishani, 30 years old, was arrested at JFK International Airport for conspiring to provide material support to ISIS. His plan was to board a plane so that he can travel abroad and join ISIS. According to investigators, Saddam wanted to go to Syria to receive training from the terrorist group. According to the FBI and NYPD investigators, Saddam had already assisted another man who successfully went and joined ISIS in the Middle East.

Saddam's encounter with an undercover agent

Early this year, Saddam was in contact with an undercover agent.

He once met the agent and informed him that one of his friends had traveled to join ISIS. He told the officer that he once took his friend shopping so that the they could get supplies for the terrorist group. He also told the agent that he gave his friend money and drove him to the JFK airport. Saddam, also admitted that he regretted not having traveled with his friend to join ISIS because he had a desire to wage Jihad. He was a firm believer that the Quran can be read and be used to justify violence engaged by ISIS. During the meeting, Saddam confessed that he had a strong desire to travel and join ISIS in Syria and felt uncomfortable while in the United States. The officer also got to know that Saddam was in contact with ISIS individuals abroad and possessed a video that showed images of ISIS members in Yemen killing those who did not support the group.

Saddam always covered the camera of his laptop and turned off the laptop's microphone when watching ISIS online propaganda videos. He also used "the Browser," a browser commonly used to hide the identity of those conducting illegal activities online. He used the browser to watch ISIS online propaganda videos and always wore gloves when touching his laptop.

Saddam meets second undercover agent

The first undercover agent introduced Saddam to yet another secret agent who said that he wanted to join ISIS. Saddam gave advice to the second agent on how to travel abroad and join ISIS such as posing as a refugee aid worker so that he can be allowed to pass through international borders and prevent questioning by authorities.

He also informed the agent that he believed authorities are monitoring him and that he had to be careful.

Saddam planned to leave the country last month with the second undercover agent. They both shopped for clothes which were desirable for ISIS training. His plan was to first go to Turkey to meet an ISIS member. Saddam was later arrested on Wednesday this week at JFK Airport where he was planning to fly to Turkey via Portugal.